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On february 14, 2005, the division of drug risk evaluation ddre provided a summary of serious thromboembolic and thrombotic tt adverse events in women using ortho evra, compared to similar events with yasmin, alesse, mircette, ortho tri-cyclen lo, orthocept, nuvaring, norplant and mirena.

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Som dugs can mak Alss lss ctiv, which may sult in pgnancy. Busing Alss, tll you docti you a using any th ollowing dugs:

I blding psists occus at pviously gula cycls, chck causs such as pgnancy malignancy; i pathology and pgnancy a xcludd, blding igulaitis may solv ov tim with a chang ta dint contacptiv poduct.

I you nd sugy mdical tsts i you will b on bd st, you may nd tstop using Alss a shot tim. Any doctsugon whtats you should know that you a using Alss.

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personally i have had so far a great experience on alesse.

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